Product Code Product Description Packing
GUARD SLIP RESISTANT Anti-slip treatment for slippery mineral surfaces.

High security for slippery floors.

Guard Slip Resistant® uses a chemical reaction that systematically adheres silica and new molecules in the materials to existing molecules in the material to create an effective and long-term anti-slip effect.

0,75 L 5 L 200 L
GUARD HARDENER W (Water-Repellent) High-performance and water-repellent surface hardener deals with damp problems, saltpeter outbreaks or fragility of materials.

Guard Hardener® W is a mineralization product for new or old fragile porous materials that are damaged by water ingress, moisture, freezing, etc.

5 L 25 L
GUARD HARDENER WO (Water & Oil Repellent) Guard Hardener® WO has water and oil repellent properties that provide long-term protection against water ingress, oil and all kinds of stains.

It combines and crystallizes fragile materials in depth.

It protects against water, oil and stains.

It does not change color.

It delays aging and makes maintenance easier.

5 L 25 L
GUARD HARDENER RD (Rising Damp) It stops the rising moisture and dries the walls.

It deals with problems with moisture, dries the walls.

Guard Hardener® RD is an ideal product against moisture on walls. It dries and combines very moist fragile materials that are damaged by water ingress and moisture.

5 L 25 L