Who We Are

Our legacy is the composite material and the composite culture.

Composites are somewhat like the people we constantly meet within the spaces we inhabit.

What we have done as TILA to move the company forward is to supply as a distributor composite solutions, composite training, in the light of the knowledge of the composite materials.

For many years TILA has been offering courses, workshops, and seminars in collaboration with the leading universities, associations, and institutes under the brand of Kompozit Akademi

What’s Beyond the Skyline?.

Learning is a concept that has continued from the existence of the world to the present and will continue its existence in the life of human beings throughout the history of the world. Everything we have and everything we have in life comes from learning.

I can name working at Tila Kompozit as a science center where I can meet my learning and research hunger. Today, there are concepts like innovation, innovative products, services, etc. in many sectors. Tila Kompozit went further than that, “What’s Beyond the Horizon?” is a company that aims to find an answer to the question and has adapted this question to its own culture. Yes, What’s Beyond the Skyline?

Emre Öztoprakçı

Sales Engineer – Tila Kompozit

Composite Enthusiast
Continuous Improvement

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