Product Code Description Packing
Zyvax® Fresh Start™ Mold and parts cleaner 4 L
Zyvax® WaterClean Mold and part cleaner is not flammable, does not damage the surface. 4L
Chemlease® Mold Cleaner EZ It is a special blend of HAP-free solvents designed to remove waxes and pollutants from composite molds. Chemlease® Mold Cleaner EZ is ideal for the preparation of composite mold surfaces for the application of Chemlease® mold sealants and release agents. 14 kg / 3,8 kg
Zyvax® PreFlight™ Mold surface trimmer 4L
Product Code Description Packing
Chemlease® MPP 2180 Mold preparation primer for wind turbine blades 930 g
Chemlease® MPP 712 EZ Mold preparation and primer 930g
Product Code Description PAcking
Zyvax® SealProof™ Solvent Free 4L
Zyvax® Sealer GP™ It is a high modulus, transparent, flexible film with superior surface adhesion that forms a protective shield on the mold surface. As a preparator, Zyvax ® Sealer GP is designed to treat both chemical and physical bonding areas located on each “raw” mold surface. 3,75 L
Chemlease® 15 SealerEZ It is a high-performance sealant developed to prepare and seal mold surfaces, reduce mold porosity and serve as a base for new or refurbished molds. 3,5 kg
Chemlease® MPP Sealer 2180 LM Chemlease® MPP2180 is formulated for sealing tools in both FRP and advanced composite industries. Suitable substrates can be used with polyester, gelcoat, epoxy and phenolic mold surfaces and most metals. 930 g


Product Code Description Packing
Marbocote Mould


A clean mold surface is important for liquid mold release performance. 1 L 5 L
Product Code Description Packing
Marbocote MC-P3 Solvent based semi permanent primer / mold protector is designed to extend. Protect the mold during mold life and storage. For Tire. 1 L 5 L
Marbocote Mould Sealer Mold release liner is a product recommended for removing rough texture on the mold surface before mold release agent application. It is recommended to apply 2 layers of release agent primer after cleaning the release agent. 1 L 5 L
HP Series Tool & Mould Sealers Mold release primer suitable for high rough surfaces on the surface of all epoxy and polyurethane molds, MDF, gelcoat and non-gelcoat composite molds. 1 L 5 L
Marbocote HP3181 Black Tool Sealer HP3181 Black: Siyah renkli astar, uygulama yapılan alanları ve hasarlı alanların fark edilmesini kolaylaştırır. 1 L 5 L