Glass Rovings

Owens Corning

Product Code Description Packing
SE 1200 ROVING Single-end roving for weaving and knitting Coil
SE 1500 ROVING Single-end roving used for filament winding, pultrusion and LFTP applications, weaving and knitting Coil
Performax SE4849 Single-end roving for LFT polypropylene applications Coil
Product Description Packing
P 207 2400TEX ROVING Multi-end roving for spraying Coil
P 204 2400TEX ROVING SMC – BMC Coil
P243 ROVING For panel and continuous lamination Coil
495 ROVING for tank and pipe production Coil
OCHiLight ROVING for transparent panel production Coil
Product Code Description Packing
CEM-FIL 54.2 76TEX 2450 GRC spray type Coil
CEM-FIL 61.2 82TEX 2500 GRC spray type and premix type Coil

Karbon Fitiller


Ürün Kodu Gerilme Direnci (MPa) Gerilim Modülleri  (GPa) Şekil Değiştirme (%) Yoğunluk  (g/cm³)
A-38 3K 3800 240 1,6 1,78
A-38 6K
A-42 12K 4200 240 1,8 1,78
A-42 24K
A-45 12K 4500 240 1,9 1,79
A-49 D 12K 4900 250 2,0 1,79
A-49 D 24K