Product Code Description Packing
GUARDCLEANER ECO SOILED FLOORS It removes lime and oil from surfaces such as natural stone, concrete, tile. 5 L 25 L 1000 L
GUARD REMOVER ECO EFFLORESCENCE & CEMENT It removes lime from structures such as natural stone and concrete. It is sufficient to rinse after use. 5 L 20 L 1000 L
GUARDREMOVER ECO VG PAINTED SURFACES It is a liquid that is cleaned by scraping from painted or varnish coated surfaces. 5 L 25 L
GUARDWASH It cleans all kinds of contamination for exterior walls, floors, and roofs. 5 L 20 L 1000 L
GUARD WASH EXPRESS It is a powerful cleaner used for cleaning walls, floors, and roofs. It is self-cleaning, it is an ideal product for removing color fading on a wooden surface. 5 L 20 L 1000 L
GUARD ANTI-M 24 It is a long-term protective and restorative for floors, roof, exterior. 5 L 20 L 1000 L
GUARDCLEANER POLLUTED FACADES It cleans the dirt caused by atmospheric and industrial pollution on the facades. 5 L 25 L 1000 L
GRAFFI GUARD 2010 GraffiGuard ® 2010 is a cleaner that removes any residual ink or paint stains and residues after cleaning graffiti with GraffiGuard ® 2030 Ecological. 1 Lt 5 Lt
GRAFFI GUARD 2030 ECO It is the latest research product used for cleaning graffiti from surfaces such as stone wall, concrete and tile. It does not contain products harmful to the environment and people. No changes occur in the main product. 1 L 5 L
GUARDREMOVER ECO FLOOR WAX It is used to remove a wide range of adhesives and emulsions in floors. It is a neutral pH liquid. 2 kg 5 kg
GUARD CLEANER RUST It completely removes rust marks, ferrous sulfate and copper marks in a wide variety of materials. 2 L