It is used as bonding or surface material in many places such as wind turbine, solar panel, various floors, watercraft. Thermosets are found in the group of plastic materials with very high bonding strength. They offer excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals, heat and abrasion. Due to these properties, the usage areas are very wide. Generally, they are formed by the reaction of two components. They reach the final hardness after curing.


The composites are mainly composed of continuous or truncated fibers embedded in the resin which act as molds. These components are not dissolved or mixed in each other. The fibers in composite materials, the structural properties such as fiber, hardness, strength, plastic resin material are bonded together to form the structural integrity of the fiber, the load is distributed between the fibers and the fiber is protected from chemical effects and atmospheric conditions.


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     26 cm x 17 cm                      20,5 cm x 15 cm