Surface Tissue (Kortel)

The surface tissue-kortel has been developed to meet a wide range of requirements in the composite industry. Surface tuff (cortel) is produced from synthetic fiber and glass fiber according to the application areas. The surface strands are nonwoven textile fabrics made of oriented or randomly arranged fiber scraps.

The surface tissues produced from glass fiber are generally made of glass C, E glass and ECR glass. It may be soluble in styrene or in a non-soluble binder in styrene. C glass surface tissue (kortel), Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic in Turkey (CTP) used in the industry is the best solution and preferred.

The raw materials of the surface tissues produced from synthetic fibers are generally polyester and polyacrylonitrile. Production in Turkey are available but are not widely used in CTP and is not recommended.


  • Provides more smooth and smooth surface. Improves surface performance and gives better visual results.

  • CTP increases the protection of the product from weather conditions and chemical gases in the air.

  • It provides corrosion resistance.

  • The smallest point of the die easily retrieves the shape of the indentation.

  • CTP contributes to wear and mechanical strength of the product.

  • It has no negative effect on gelling time.

  • There is no risk of delamination.

  • The application is simple and fast.