Product Code Description Color Box Drum
DINITROL 977 It is applied to surfaces that need an anti-rust surface (cars, trucks, wagons, etc.). Transparent 1 L box 20 L pail
DINITROL 449 t has good corrosion and sound insulation properties and is applied as under vehicle protection (luster) to protect against stone bumps. Black 1 L box 20 L pail
DINITROL 964 It provides long-term corrosion prevention for iron, zinc and aluminum detailed metals. Transparent 25 L box 208 L drum
DINITROL ML MINISERVICE It is designed to be applied to closed spaces such as doors, frame elements and external joints and crevices. Ideal for used cars, trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles to be protected against corrosion. Beige 500 ml Spreay 1 L box
DINITROL 479 Thick, anti-corrosive compound with a “rubbery” consistency, forming a very hard, elastic, wear-resistant protective film with extremely good sound dampening properties. Black 1 L box 190 L drum
DINITROL 4942 When applied on a clean, dry surface, it adheres to both painted surfaces and surfaces covered with a layer of PVC or similar material. Bronze 1 L box 60 L drum