Product Code Description Color Packing
DINITROL 352 It is a binder used for locks, joints, hinges, car seat sliding rails, door holding straps. Transparent 400 ml Spray
DINITROL 353 MULTI 2020 It is a lubricant and care product for all devices used in aqueous environments. Transparent 500 ml Spray
DINITROL 443 It is a quick-drying, long-term corrosion protection product for all metals. Grey 400 ml Spray
DINITROL 444 It is a maintenance product for metals that provides fast drying and long-term corrosion protection. Grey 400 ml Spray
DINITROL 820 Vehicle bumpers, plastic skirting boards, spoilers etc. It is used in the renovation of repaired or damaged plastic surface structures. Black 400 ml Spray
DINITROL 840 Bumpers, spoilers, lights, front grilles, surfboards, etc. It is used for repairing broken plastic parts and filling holes and cavities (metal, wood, stone and glass.). Black 50 ml two component
DINITROL 6010 In addition to its finishing touches such as cement, brick, wood plates, it is suitable for repairing notches up to vehicle body, sheet metal, strip machine frame, glass fiber reinforced plastic repairs. Colorless 2 kg box
DINITROL 6090 It is used in sheet metal repairs in vehicle superstructures and is especially suitable for repairing thicker layers and serious rusty areas. Grey 1,3 kg box
DINITROL 6052 Polybond Soft   /Express Micro It is a 2-component Polyester repair filler sanded with very fine particles, allowing professionals to work quickly on most surfaces in the vehicle industry. White 1 kg box